AI & Communication

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies are reshaping our media landscape in an extremely fast pace. This brings drastic changes to our communication environment, including the digitisation, personalisation and automation of media and communication in a wide variety of contexts – from interpersonal communication to news, health or politics, commerce, entertainment, and everything in between.

AI and related technologies – and the increasing availability of digital trace data – also open promising avenues and methods for communication research, which is much needed in such a complex environment. The Lab’s executes methodological and substantive research in this area, actively collaborating with interdisciplinary research in affiliate labs within the university – including the RPA Human(e) AI, the AI, Media & Society Lab, and the Communication in the Digital Society Initiative.

Selected publications

  • Araujo, T., Helberger, N., Kruikemeier, S., & de Vreese, C. H. (2020). In AI we trust? Perceptions about automated decision-making by artificial intelligence. AI & Society, 35(3), 611-623.
  • Helberger, N., Araujo, T., & de Vreese, C. H. (2020). Who is the fairest of them all? Public attitudes and expectations regarding automated decision-making. Computer Law & Security Review, 39.