When: Thursday, April 12, 9.00-12.00 hours

NodeXL is an application from the Social Media Research Foundation that simplifies network analysis tasks and supports analysis of social media networks. Using the widely familiar framework of a spreadsheet, NodeXL integrates the features needed to collect, store, analyze, visualize, and publish network datasets. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of Social Network Analysis, including metrics, key users and emerging communities. Participants will collect Twitter data of their topics of interest and apply these social networks skills, to analyze and visualize your networks.

About dr. Himelboim:
Dr. Himelboim, director of the SEE Suite (Social Media Engagement & Evaluation), studies the role social media plays in news, politics and international communication. Through applying network analysis, he examines political talk and information flow. His research involves computer-mediated social networks and their implications for political communication, international communication and the news.  He examines political discussions on online forums and the micro-blogging social media Twitter, as well as international networks, based on foreign news reporting and the flow of information technologies.  The role of news media, traditional and online, in political communication is examined via their websites and their presence in social media spaces.