When: Thursday, November 22, 9.30-11.20

Ethics in AI and Conversational Agent Research

The workshop will discuss methodological and ethical issues associated with AI and conversational agent research. How can we conceptualize the ethics of talking machines/robots/virtual humans, and how will this impact our trust in AIs and in humans? What is the role of communication and of computer science in this discussion? What conceptual and methodological challenges should we address? The workshop will serve as a platform to discuss research ideas and reflect upon the challenges that lie ahead.

About dr. Huma Shah

Dr. Huma Shah is a Senior Lecturer and AI research scientist in the School of Computing, Electronics and Mathematics at Coventry University. She has a Ph.D. in ‘Deception-detection and Machine Intelligence in Practical Turing Tests’ and designed the three Turing test experiments detailed in the book “Turing’s Imitation Game: Conversations with the Unknown”. She organised the 2006 and 2008 Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence and co-ordinated the Turing100 project at Bletchley Park in Alan Turing’s centenary year (2012) and the Turing2014 Turing Test experiment at the Royal Society, London in June 2014.