Joanna Strycharz and Marthe Möller to be the new co-directors of the Digicomlab

Joanna Strycharz and Marthe Möller will become the new co-directors of the Digital Communication Methods Lab, taking over the tasks from Theo Araujo and Judith Möller.

The lab, embedded within ASCoR, is an initiative focusing on innovative research and bringing together existing and new projects with digital communication methods as its cornerstone. The lab aims at expanding innovative work on methods, analyses, and scientific practices critical to Communication Science, including work on mobile communication and AI, not only as research topics, but also as data collection modes.

Joanna and Marthe look forward to continuing the lab’s mission and working on innovative projects together with all those at ASCoR who are interested in digital communication methods! Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about the Digicomlab.

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