Five new research projects receive digicomlab seed funding

Five new exciting projects were selected to receive seed funding from the Digital Communication lab!

We are looking forward to the results of these cutting-edge research endeavours:


Personality and susceptibility to political microtargeting: a machine-learning approach based on Twitter text

by dr. Brahim Zarouali and dr. Tom Dobber

Age and gender bias in AI-driven recruitment: Modelling the influence of hidden features on the ranking of job candidates

by dr. Anne Kroon and dr. Toni van der Meer

Opening the targeting black box: vulnerability exploitation through personalization

by dr. Hilde Voorveld, dr. Corine Meppelink, Joanna Strycharz, and dr. Brahim Zarouali

Simply irresistible? Towards a methodological conceptualization of smartphone interruptions

by dr. Susanne Baumgartner, dr. Jakob Ohme, and dr. Sindy Sumter

Physiological stress responses to receiving smartphone notifications during task performance

by dr. Monique Alblas, dr. Eline Smit, and dr. Bert Bakker

Congratulations to all receivers!

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