• Prof. Michael Scharkow (Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany), 27 March
    • Dr Natalie (Talia) Stroud, (University of Texas at Austin), 19 April
    • Prof. Maria Elizabeth (Betsi) Grabe (Indiana University), 20 September


Personalised communication lectures

  • Prof. Michael S. Schudson (Columbia University, New York), 6 March
  • Prof. Christian Sandvig (University of Michigan), 7 September
  • Dr. Daniel Kreiss, 22 September
  • Jason Kint, 9 October
  • Keynote Lecture during ACHC Symposium – Prof. Mia Lustria, 24 November
  • Prof. Colin J. Bennett (University of Victoria, BC, Canada), 14 December

Distinguished Lecture Series

  • Dr. Steven Kassels (Community Substance Abuse Centers), 21 March


  • Dr. Christian Steglich (University of Groningen), 5 April
  • Dr. Dannagal Young (University of Delaware), 28 June
  • Prof. Sinan Aral (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 31 August
  • Prof. Andrew Flanagin & Prof. Miriam Metzger (University of California, Santa Barbara), 15 September
  • Prof. Nicholas A. Valentino (University of Michigan, 7 October
  • Prof. Timothy Coombs (Texas A&M University), 18 October


  • Prof. Donald P. Green (Columbia University, NY), 17-18 May
  • Prof. Sinan Aral (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 1 September


  • Dr. Veronika Karnowski (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) & Dr. Nathalie Sonck (Stichting Kijkonderzoek, The Netherlands) & Dr. Harsh Taneja (University of Missouri), 21 September

Sponsoring Symposia

  • ‘Health literacy. Effectieve communicatie voor mensen met beperkte gezondheidsvaardigheden.’ Openingssymposium Amsterdam Center for Health Communication, 10 May
  • ‘Alcohol en Sociale Netwerk Sites: Voorspellers en Effecten van Online Communicatie van Jongeren over Alcohol.’ Amsterdam Center for Health Communication, 9 December

Personalised communication lectures

  • Dr. Joshua Tucker (New York University), 2 February
  • Dr. Maurits Kaptein (Tilburg Unversity), 19 February
  • Dr. Jacob Groshek (Boston University Massachusetts), 22 February
  • Prof. Philip Howard (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford), 21 September
  • Dr. Mike Ananny (USC Annenberg), 3 October
  • Dr. Nick Anstead (London School of Economics), 25 October
  • Prof. Ralph Schroeder (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford), 24 November

Distinguished Lecture Series

  • Prof. Lance Holbert (Temple University), 22 January
  • Prof. Kevin Arcenaux (Temple University), 5 February
  • Prof. Victor Lamme (University of Amsterdam), 17 February
  • Dr. Sheila Sasser (Eastern Michigan University & University of Michigan), 26 February
  • Prof. Yariv Tsfati (University of Haifa), 12 March
  • Prof. Amy Jordan (Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania), 9 April
  • Prof. Jeffrey Boase (University of Toronto), 21 April


  • Prof. Marco Steenbergen (University of Zürich), 19-20 March Seminar
  • Mediation Analyses by Prof. Kosuke Imai (Princeton University), 10 June

Distinguished Lecture Series

  • Prof. Nicholas Valentino (University of Michigan), 23 January
  • Prof. Markus Prior (Princeton University), 12 May
  • Prof. Markus Prior (Princeton University), 13 May
  • Dr. Sandra Bailon (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania), 10 June
  • Prof. Eun-Ju Lee (Seoul National University), 8 October
  • Prof. Shanto Iyengar (Stanford University), 24 November Big Data Workshop
  • ‘Hands-On-Workshop Big (Twitter) Data”, 30-31 January

Big Data Spring Colloquium meetings

  • Dr. Laura Hollink (VU) & Prof. dr. Rens Vliegenthart (UvA), 18 February
  • Daan Odijk (UvA) & Björn Burscher (UvA), 4 March
  • Dr. Silvia Olabarriaga (AMC) & Theo Araujo (UvA), 20 March
  • Prof. dr. Willemijn van Dolen (UvA), 3 April
  • Dr. Bernhard Rieder (UvA) & Dr. Damian Trilling (UvA), 15 April
  • Dr. mr. Natali Helberger (UvA) & Dr. Olga Gritsai (UvA), 22 April

Conference Big Data: Expert Meeting

  • Opportunities & Pitfalls for the Social Sciences. Keynote speakers: Prof. Edward Malthouse (Northwestern University), Prof. dr. Max Welling (UvA), Prof. dr. Richard Rogers (UvA), Prof. Paul Pavlou (Temple University) and Prof. dr. Maarten de Rijke (UvA), 17 June
  • Big Breakfast “Ethical, normative, social and cultural implications of profiling & targeting in an era of big data – towards a research agenda”, with Prof. Joseph Turow (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania) & Prof. Tal Zarsky (University of Haifa), 2 July


  • Media Exposure: Can it be Measured? An International Expert Meeting on the Measurement of the most Important Media and Communication Variable. Key note speakers: Dr. Susanna Dilliplane (Aspen Institute), Karin Fikkers MSc. (UvA), Dr. Michael LaCour (UCLA), Mr. Frans Kok (CustomerPulse), Dr. Ericka Menchen-Trevino (Erasmus University), Prof. Dhavan Shah (University of Wisconsin), 2 October

Distinguished Lecture Series:

  • Prof. dr. Dhavan Shah (University of Wisconsin-Madison),21 January
  • Dr. Rajiv Rimal (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), 24 January
  • Prof. dr. Wolfgang Donsbach (Dresden University of Technology), 26 April

Method Workshop Series:

    • Getting Started with R, 4 &11 June Symposium:
    • Symposium Automatic processes.
      Keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Annie Lang (Indiana University), Prof. dr. Enny Das (Radboud University Nijmegen), 23 May


Distinguished Lecture Series:

  • Prof. dr. Daniel Nagin (Carnegie Mellon University), 14 May
  • Prof. dr. Ellen Wartella (Northwestern University), 12 June
  • Prof. dr. Robert Hornik (Stanford University), 15 November
    Method Workshop Series:
  • Implicit Measures Workshop. Guest lecturers: Prof. dr. Jan de Houwer (Ghent University) & Prof. dr. Jaap Murre (UvA), 14 March
  • Physiological Measures Workshop. Guest lecturer: Prof. dr. Robert Potter (Indiana University), 6-7 November
  • StoryNet Symposium.
    Keynote speakers:Prof. dr. Melanie Green (University of North Carolina) & Prof. dr. Rick Busselle (Washington State University), 21-22 June