When:  Wednesday, January 29, 10.00-16.00 hours

We would like to invite you to this workshop organised by Judith Möller, Felicia Löcherbach, Damian Trilling and Wouter van Atteveldt on using Python apps to test (news) recommender systems. During the workshop, the team will introduce the 3bij3 recommender for news, and share best practices on collecting data using an online recommender system. Then the code library will be introduced, and provide recommendations on where to find resources to alter the existing code for other purposes. Finally, participants will be able to use the recommender system and get feedback on how the features were set up in Python.

This workshop is being organised as a result of the seed funding program of the RPA Communication and its Digital Communication Methods Lab. Judith and her team were one of the projects awarded a seed funding grant in 2019.