Digicomlab project with virtual supermarket at the Innovation Expo in Rotterdam

The virtual supermarket that is currently used in the project Testing Package Complexity in an Innovative 3D Virtual Supermarket Environment by prof. Edith Smit, dr. Nynke van der Laan, and dr. Corine Meppelink will be present at the Innovation Expo in Rotterdam!

The virtual supermarket has been developed at UMC Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam (UvA). This is a fully immersive shopping environment in which people can walk around and pick up products, and is used to understand how people make choices in a supermarket. More information here.

Digicomlab-members receive funding to start a Mobile Lab

Bert Bakker and Claes de Vreese together with Gijs Schumacher and Frans Oort (both UvA) have received an NWO Investment Grant to open a Mobile Lab (more information here). As Bert explains:

Excellent social science research requires studies that are both internally and externally valid. Currently, there are many obstacles to achieve this. Lab studies often produce high internal validity, but primarily rely on student samples (external validity issue) and are conducted in clinical settings (ecological validity issue). To address this researchers move their lab to the field (e.g., schools, sporting events, museums or festivals). But researchers face high transaction costs with these so-called lab-in-the-field studies: there are many practical issues to consider and some of these even threaten the internal validity of the study.

We offer a simple and innovative solution by creating a mobile social science lab – The Mobile Lab. This facility enables researchers to easily set-up a lab across the country on specific locations. We will invest in mobile electroencephalography (EEG), eye-tracking and psychophysiology equipment as well as mobile cameras for in-depth interviews and behavioural observations. The Mobile Lab will be a national infrastructure and enable Dutch social scientists to test their theories on high-quality samples. In the coming months, the team will start developing the lab. More information will follow here soon.