Digicomlab is hiring a post-doctoral researcher

The Digital Communication Methods Lab and Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) is looking for a 2-year post-doctoral researcher.

This postdoctoral position focuses on research aimed at advancing computational methods for communication science (e.g., automated content analysis). Technological advancements enable communication scientists to collect different types of data (e.g., through scraping social media data, gathering data through digital agents, receiving data through data donations). Introduction of these novel data collection methods results in availability of large quantities of data that come in various formats (e.g., text data, visual data). This brings on methodological challenges of analyzing such data. In sum, communication researchers now have a broad range of novel computational methods at their disposal to gather and analyze large amounts of data that vary in their format. However, there is a lack of knowledge about the usage and validity of these methods. For example, whereas some algorithms are available to analyze visual data, these algorithms have not been validated on data relevant to communication scholars. This postdoctoral position will contribute to advancing the Lab’s methodological and substantive research in this area by conducting research that advances and validates methods aimed at gathering and analyzing data that are relevant to communication scholars.

For complete details, see https://vacatures.uva.nl/UvA/job/Postdoc-Researcher-Focusing-on-Advancing-Methods-for-Multi-Modal-Automated-Content-Analysis/761538502/


Joanna Strycharz and Marthe Möller to be the new co-directors of the Digicomlab

Joanna Strycharz and Marthe Möller will become the new co-directors of the Digital Communication Methods Lab, taking over the tasks from Theo Araujo and Judith Möller.

The lab, embedded within ASCoR, is an initiative focusing on innovative research and bringing together existing and new projects with digital communication methods as its cornerstone. The lab aims at expanding innovative work on methods, analyses, and scientific practices critical to Communication Science, including work on mobile communication and AI, not only as research topics, but also as data collection modes.

Joanna and Marthe look forward to continuing the lab’s mission and working on innovative projects together with all those at ASCoR who are interested in digital communication methods! Feel free to reach out to them with any questions about the Digicomlab.